As you plan your move to our non-profit LifeCare Continuing Care Retirement Community (CCRC), also referred to as Life Plan Community, you’re not only securing the peace of mind of a support network of people ready and able to assist if and when you need them, but it’s your financial security net for the future.

As we age, health expenses rise from the cost of medication and routine doctor’s appointments to hospital stays and further long-term care. For those who live outside of a CCRC, care can become expensive.

However, residents of Carolina Village don’t need worry about the costs associated with long term care as it is included upon moving to our community.

Best of all, because we’re a non-profit Type-A LifeCare community, care is delivered directly to residents in their homes by our knowledgeable and well-trained team making it one of the best values for the future.

Making your move to a community like Carolina Village also promotes tax advantages for planning for your future. Many choose to save even more money by utilizing long-term care insurance.

At Carolina Village, we know you’re going to find the peace of mind that comes with being a member of the Carolina Village family. We do offer a refund program to ensure each resident is completely satisfied with their choice to make their move.

Whether it’s assisting in medication and appointment reminders or crafting an itinerary designed for memory care, our residents can depend on us to deliver consistent and compassionate care during every step of the aging process.